Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )

Pay Per Click ( PPC )

MavenClickZ's Pay Per Click services provides you with an endless opportunity in today's World Wide Web. MavenClickZ not only connects you to the customers, when people are searching for your products or services but do need it in more effective and technical way than any other company.

Anyone can bid for the keywords on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, MIVA and other engine's available on World Wide Web and do the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Online Marketing. But the main thing which is considered by MavenClickZ's Pay Per Click expert's is the ROI (Return On Investment), which is vital for any business model today.

MavenClickZ is using technology for each and every step of Pay Per Click process like Keyword Generation, Keyword Bidding, Ad Copy Creations etc. We not only bid for the keywords but track the visitor from End to End basis and provide you with an updated reports on daily basis with further space of improvement for ROI (Return On Investment).

Media Buying

Anything and everything is online today and the way the social networking sites are growing, it has become almost compulsory for any product or services company to advertise using Online Media.

Firstly, define a target group; interpret the current market scenario and understanding pulse of the consumers. Secondly, we study the consumer behaviour of your target group and then decide on the criteria to be use to measure. Thirdly, we purchase the right spot where your ads to be displayed that of your business requirement at the given time.

MavenClickZ uses a metrics to do this for our various clients based on the background of the company and the product they are selling— which portal is best for them and which will give the most exposure to your services. We provide a day to day report on the number of clicks your advertisement received and the larger impression that it created, so that you can analyze and evaluate your online media campaign better.

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