Online Anti Piracy Services

Do you know that around 800 Million pirated DVD and CD's are sold per year compared to only 25 Million original DVD and CD's Piracy of movies cause loss of around 2 Billion to the film industry.

MavenClickZ Media Pvt Ltd provides a robust solution which reduces online piracy of movies up to 60 – 65 % in actual so the loss of producer is less compared to the original ones. Torrents download of the movie not only spread like virus but one download significantly make a loss of 150 INR to the movie production house.

We strategies and present the Online Anti-Piracy Services to the Film or Movie Production house in India on a monthly retainer basis.

Our online marketing expert device a unique strategy which will minimize the Online Piracy by 60 to 65%. Want to know how we can help you prevent the piracy and increase the revenue generated through the movie screening.

It works in such a way that you can either detect the address and the pirates can land in jails. On top of this we have a team of Pirate Comandos who continuously surf the web and find out the recent website which is providing a download link and report our software to take further action.

So far we have partnered with number of movie house in India, USA and UK and helping them curb the piracy and ultimately increase their profits.

Want to discuss it in more details call us and we will tell you how to stop piracy online for your audio and movie :)

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