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You can Browse This Website on Android Phone, Windows Mobile and IPhone etc. ABC to cover 360 Degree Online Advertising QR Code
A analytic's tool Analytics experts trained on platforms such as Google Analytics, Omniture, Webtrend etc. B Blogging Blogging can do wonders for any brand if carefully managed
C creative content Content is king but creativity is also vital for any brand to survive D dynamic Dynamic  programming is essential as it simplifies the management process
E engage It is vital your website visitors are engaged by the content to increase page views and revenue F Facebook We have helped over 200 companies worldwide to create their profile on Facebook
Hey is this getting boring ? Do you want to meet ? Yes sure, why not. Are you guys on Facebook? Of course it is our job to be there. I don't understand ! Well our job is to make facebook pages look more creative and attractive so that people like them.
Oh do you mean you can make me popular on facebook. Yes but not only on facebook,  on other social media as well. You can find us here.
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G Google Whether it is a natural search or paid search advertising, Google is a must and that's why we have in-house Google Adwords Certified Professionals to help you strategies that will deliver results. Hit on time ad scheduling Use of Ad Scheduling to get the right audience at the right time
I Interactive Impact Content should be interactive so that your website can engage the visitor Judge the best channel Which is the best channel for driving ROI for your campaign. Let's choose that and scale.
K KPI Knowledge Process indicator L Lead Management System: Lead Management System is a must for any online campaign so that the in-house team can follow the lead and convert them to sales
M Media Buying Tell MavenClickZ who your target customers are and we can devise a media buying proposal to make sure you reach them N No Spam Policy No Spam No Spam NO SPAM we don't do any campaign which is counted as apam
O One size fit all One size dosen't fit all. Customisation for each platform is necessary P PR It is vital press releases are posted to online portals to raise your profile
Q QR Code Want to know how to implement QR codes in your marketing plan ? R REVENUE, REPORTING & ROI GOALS Our aim is to increase your revenue, ensuring your ROI targets are achieved and our weekly reports will keep you posted on performance against your goals.
S SEARCH & SOCIAL MARKETING STRATEGY MavenClickZ has proven the benefits of Social Media Marketing with many global brands T TARGET AUDIENCE & TIMING Target the audience looking for your products or services
U USER BEHAVIOUR ANALYSIS User Behaviour Analysis is a key part of our online content V VIRAL MARKETING & VIDEO We know how to create a viral effect using video's on social media channels
W WAP MARKETING WAP is a medie revolution - definitiely try this one. X FACTOR OF BRAND: We know how to get the X Factor out of your brand and promote it accordingly
Y YOUTUBE We have so far created around 56 channels on youtube for our clients Z MavenClickz Engage MavenClickZ to increase you brands visibility and ROI
Maven's @ MavenClickZ have helped a number of brands worldwide to leverage online marketing and increase their digital footprint. We are equipped with the latest technology and develop innovative ideas to help you grow online.