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Why it is necessary to design the website for tablet or mobile device??

According to a recent survey done by Neilson Ratings Two third of 67% of mobile users aged 16 - 24 have a smart phone. These are the techy who are more aware about the internet and decision maker in most of the case. No need to say about BlackBerry Boy's and their decision making capacity. India is the second largest telecom network in the world and second largest with respect to wireless connections. The number of smart phone and tablet pc like iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab users is of course on the rise but it might take a significant amount of time to lure users into making an investment into a smartphone. Imagine if the number of smartphone owners rises to a significant amount, I am saying 50-60% of the total mobile phones sold, the possibilities for growth are endless. Access to Facebook via mobile mobile browser grew 112% in the past year, while mobile Twitter access experienced a 347% jump Also according to AdMob Smart Phone users contribute to 30% of WAP Ad Impression in India.

Hope this is the enough points to make you aware about growing tablet device reach. So its time now to design your website specifically for iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. MavenClickZ Designs the website by understanding your target audience and the device they use. To get more idea about how you can lure your target audience on iPad send an email and one of my WAP expert will guide you in right direction.

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