Times of India 16th October : 5 lakh cyber warriors to bolster Indias e-defence

Our blog post on August 19th 2012 :

Social Media Rapid Action Force or Social Media SWAT

Past one week was really viral in terms of social media and not to mention the
effects of this. State and central government were not able to control it the way
it was suppose to avoid the NE people leaving from bangalore . According to the
tv channels more 30000 NE people has left bangalore in past 5 days. It only shows
whats the effect of social media in today’s society mainly the young people.

Today even the best of the corporate companies can’t delete the negative review
of their product and services on social media then how come we expect the
government to control it in one day.

As a corporate and citizen of India i feel that we can’t go the way as china goes
but we need to think of an alternate method to fight these kind of rumors on
social media to avoid any future happenings like this.

Social media companies in India can devote few of their social media people to
tackle these issue. They can’t delete the matter on internet but can dilute it by
posting authentic news supported by government which can be verifiable.

This will spread the good and authentic news on behalf of government and stop
the unnecessary rumor.

Just to remind this that these matter are over sensitive so government and IT
Department of India should put up a guidelines in place which will be adhered
by the social media company.

Government should create a team called “Social media Rapid Action Force” or
“Social Media SWAT” which includes one or two people from every registered
social media company in India and will be in touch with this team with some
dedicated resource.

Also the SM RAF should come up with some repository tools where other team
member can send a request to remove the un-appropriate content and send it
to respective Facebook or YouTube official for removal.

We as a nation now 40 Million on Facebook and we are really connected
through the smart phone or smart devices. And we understand how it can be
utilized in favor or to spread rumors.

It’s high time that govt should start talking to social media company and be
prepared for the next happening.

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TOI 16th October :

5 lakh cyber warriors to bolster Indias e-defence

Govt,Pvt Sector Ready Joint Plan To Tackle Threat


New Delhi: Recognizing the threat of cyber attacks from a host of hostile entities ranging from domestic saboteurs to foreign rivals a new initiative intends to train five lakh cyber warriors in the next five years to meet a critical gap in the countrys defences.
A government-private sector plan will look at beefing up Indias cyber security capabilities in the light of a group of experts reckoning a shortfall of 4.7 lakh such experts despite the countrys reputation of being an IT and software powerhouse.
Efforts to draw a strategic plan for India,being overseen by National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon,may need to be speeded up as India lags the research and planning leading western and Asian nations have already undertaken.Cyber warfare has emerged a top threat to national security with Indias systems subjected to an increasing number and more sophisticated cyber attacks.India faced a severe test during the 2010 Commonwealth Games when cyber attacks from Pakistan and China sought to damage information systems.
The Centre plans to establish an autonomous Institute of Cyber Security Professionals of India along the lines of the Institute of Chartered Accounts of India and make cyber security audits mandatory for companies by amending the Companies Act.
Most of the attacks India deals with originate from countries like the US,China,Russia,a few east European countries and Iran.Chinese hackers have targeted a large number of institutions,even stealing data from schools run by the armed forces.



Hackers broke into computer of the CEO of a $35bn Indian company,mined a trove of confidential data,according to a report
Less than 20% of cyber attacks on national security systems are reported
Networks of oil cos harvested for maps of oil reserves,patent law firms for their clients trade secrets and investment banks for market analysis


Establish an Institute of Cyber Security Professionals of India for security testing and auditing
Create Information Sharing & Analysis Centres in various industry verticals,which would coordinate with cyber emergency response teams
Train law enforcement agencies in cyber crime investigation and cyber forensics

CRITICAL GAP India faces a shortfall of 4.7 lakh cyber security experts despite reputation of being an IT powerhouse

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