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Future of ads is in tracking location, mood Mini Joseph Tejaswi TNN : Times of India 22nd Oct 2012

Bangalore: We are heading into a world where the moment you update your status on Facebook or tweet about it, algorithms will track your mood and your location and serve you text or video ads relevant to you at that … Continue reading

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Tool to disavow links : For Advanced Webmasters Only

A new tool to disavow links Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 1:43 PM Webmaster level: AdvancedToday we’re introducing a tool that enables you to disavow links to your site. If you’ve been notified of a manual spam action based on … Continue reading

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Times of India 16th October : 5 lakh cyber warriors to bolster Indias e-defence

Our blog post on August 19th 2012 : Social Media Rapid Action Force or Social Media SWAT Past one week was really viral in terms of social media and not to mention the effects of this. State and central government … Continue reading

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Jack On Block a new age facility management company based out of Bangalore has appointed MavenClickZ Media as their online agency of record

Jack On Block offers wide range of services for homes, office, apartment complexes or any other infrastructure.The idea to start a facility company primarily targeting homes came about when the team realized the difficulties the homeowners face to get technicians … Continue reading

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QR codes to the rescue : Our CEO Bhaskar Anand about QR code and how we get results using QR code

Rather than giving all the information in a brochure, the QR codes can be used to get more relevant information online. With the increase in smartphone penetration in the country, the businesses are trying to exploit the smartness of the … Continue reading

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AdWords Introduces Ability To Share Budgets Across Campaigns

Google’s AdWords has released a new feature that will allow an advertiser share daily budgets between multiple campaigns in a single account. The idea of this feature is that a marketer may have a set daily budget to spend across … Continue reading

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