Facebook Like Numbers is it a sign of success or something else?

Watch this video first :

Now you must be thinking that this is a fraud and yes it is and i feel no shame in saying that most of the company in india is doing the same thing. Even i know few group’s who just work on liking the page and send me request a number of times to use their service and increase the likes of Facebook Pages we manage, and i politely say no to their offer.

Another one just a humorous one to make you smile after watching the first video :)

Then you must be wondering what MavenClickZ team is doing different then other’s and is it really useful for our advertisers?

Quality versus Quantity

Ok so here is what we do differently

  • We install analytics for our clients FB page and track every action which takes place on FB page & results in conversion or not. So our analytics control gives us a fair idea of whether FB page like is working for our client or not
  • Based on the analytics report we remove likes manually to keep it to our TG only
  • We measure the engagement level of FB page on a regular basis and take necessary action
  • See some of the reports snapshot which enables us to tweak our activity in favour of our advertisers and get required ROI

Target your audience with utmost attention and review it thoroughly before going live

audience targeting

engagement of visitorsGeo location of the visitors who likes your page

Geo location of likes

Profile of the visitors

People who liked ur pageThe success and engagement of your post


Success of a particular postWhat is your post reach?

FB Post ReachSource of your page likes in terms of Sponsored Story or Suggestions etc

where you page likes happen

Check whether the links on your website for number of clicks on them ( Same for Social media Assets )

Links clicked on website

How many visitors you get from social media and how many have converted?

Social Media Traffic & ConversionAnd it is very easy to set up the conversion tracking for your FB page :)

conversion tracking on FB

  • 90% percent of our client asks me why the number of likes is not increasing compared to their competitor’s and then i reveal this to them. In most of the FB page even few are the top 10 FB pages in india, i don’t see any of the analytics software installed which can measure the effectiveness of FB or other social media asset’s. They just use Google analytics which shows how many referral they got from FB page and other social media channels without tracking the goal. Now a days there is a trend that your business should be on social media specifically on the FB page, even if you are are a B2B company and your TG is not on FB but might be on LinkedIn and this resulted more revenue for the agencies and advertisers who don’t know the medium well is paying well for this social media initiate without knowing whether it is working for him or not. You can search google and find out a number of article about social media roi ( Return on Investments ) calculation or is social media generating revenue for your company etc.
  • We being a technology company ( Content | Idea | Technology ) we use customised analytics for social media and measure the effective ness of the activity until the visitors bounce out of our social media asset’s.
  • Also we shouldn’t forget that we should target our campaign very precisely to our TG only. Facebook is here to make money out of advertiser’s and they will do the this like game to increase their revenue, so it’s better to be alert and keep checking your stats on a daily basis and then accordingly take action.
  • Other then this i wrote an article sometime ago about how you can get new followers :) please check here  or check this link http://mavenclickz.com/blog/2014/01/a-new-way-to-earn-followers-likes-of-social-media-assets/

Other then this we follow few more guidelines which reduces the FB spend and increase the ROI and hence make social media advertising working for our client’s :)

You wanna know about that in detail? Just invite us to meet or call us @ +91 9980770401

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The latest product and policy updates from Twitter

Hi Bhaskar Anand,
We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
We’ve updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to reflect new features we’re testing (starting in the U.S.) to allow you to buy merchandise from some of the most popular names on Twitter, without leaving the Twitter experience.
The Terms of Service update introduces terms covering the use of our commerce offerings. The new terms also describe your relationship with merchandise sellers, including their responsibility for order fulfillment, shipping and returns.
And since you’ll need to provide certain information to make a purchase, such as a credit card number and shipping address, the Privacy Policy update includes new sections on that information. You’ll also see provisions relating to commerce services that we’ll be testing in the future, like special offers you can redeem at select stores using your credit card.
We’ve also updated the Privacy Policy to clarify how other parts of our services work, including:
That we may request additional account information to help us prevent spam, fraud or abuse.
The broad audiences that receive public user profile information and public Tweets, including search engines, developers and publishers.
The types of non-private or non-personal information that is shared with others, including reports to advertisers about the performance of their advertising campaigns.
How we collect certain types of information, including location information (such as through IP address or nearby access points), and information when you install another application through Twitter.
That we may share data with our corporate affiliates consistent with our respective privacy policies, for example, if you use your Twitter credentials to login to Vine, our short looping video service, or to provide better ads through MoPub, our mobile-focused advertising exchange.
We’ve always got more exciting product news coming, so keep your eye on theOfficial Twitter Blog or follow @twitter for the latest. Thanks for using Twitter!
— The Twitter Team
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Cyber Crime Statistics by TOI

Cyber Crime in India

Statistics by Times of India

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Apple Partners with Visa, MasterCard and AmEx to Have a ‘Mobile Wallet’ Feature in iPhone

Moving forward with its plans to turn its new iPhone into mobile wallet, Apple Inc. is partnering with Payment service providers Visa Inc., MasterCard Inc. and American Express Co., reports Bloomberg. The company is expected to launch the product in the event on September 9 along with new iPhone. The upcoming iPhone will be available in two models including a 4.7-inch display and a 5.5-inch version and also supports iOS8.


It is expected to introduce a mobile payment process including a near-field communication (NFC) chip along with Touch ID to pay for items purchased in a store by the touch of a finger.

See Also: Apple Plans to Launch 12.9-Inch iPad in Early 2015

It had also made partnership with IBM to fuel the company’s tablet sales growth. The company was also looking forward to introduce a split-screen feature in the iPad in its new iOS8.

Recently, the company has also launched new iPhones and iPads and is now planning to launch internet connected watch to expands its reach in wearable technology.

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People stick with favourite few apps to avoid clutter

There may be a growing number of applications for smartphones, but people in the US tend to cling to the few they like and shun the rest, an industry tracker says. Nearly two-thirds of US smartphone owners download no applications monthly . Nearly half of all app mini-programmes -downloads were done by just 7% of smartphone owners in any given month, according to the report that was released this week.Fun, functional or hip apps for smartphones or tablets are seen by analysts as key to the popularity of the devices, and rivals tech giants work hard to get developers to tailor apps to devices powered by their software. Social networking, entertainment and messaging accounted for much of the time spent using mobile apps in the United States.

People using iOS-powered devices spend large shares of their `app time’ on general news, radio, photos, social networking, and weather. Those opting for Android-powered devices devoted a greater share of their time to online search and email.

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How to take a great selfie? It’s an art to impress

Taking a good selfie is an art. The higher art though is knowing how many selfies to post and which of them need to be uploaded on which of the social media platforms. Since selfies can be annoying to a lot of people and can even paint you as an egomaniac, it is important to respect that and be considerate. So, here are some tips to keep in mind while you take that selfie in public: Know your good side and your bad angles Use good light whenever possible Opt for the use of filters whenever you see fit Use various fun angles Refrain from posting every selfie you take
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Continue educating yourself in a range of subjects from science and math to history and humanities
You have a degree in a subject of your choice and are pursuing the field you were always interested in. However, it’s not enough to sit back and rest on your supposed laurels. The mark of a truly excellent individual is one who continues learning and updating himself, within and outside his field of work and interest. We let you in on some tools for self-education that you can use to do more, and live better.


Always wanted to say that you studied at Harvard? Well, you could do that now…almost! Harvard is one of the most respected colleges in the world so whatever they have to teach is worth learning.The respected university offers a bunch of courses, free of charge to the general public. They come in a range of subjects from computer science to literature.


It’s one of the most powerful, fun, and free resources available for learning. MIT has courses available in over a dozen subjects including technology and business.Enroll and access all the coursework for free. It’s a great way to learn from one of the most distinguished colleges in the US.


Giving the DIY ethic a boost is the videosharing website -YouTube. It offers an amazing array of free educational channels that increase your knowledge base and also show you how to do things, visually. People and groups put up videos on everything -from learning how to play the guitar for beginners and pros, to presentations on cloud computing. It has led to a new way of learning called the Maker Culture.UDEMY This is an online course-based website where you can buy and take individual courses. There is a truckload of subjects to choose from, including languages, computer science, design, cooking and many other things that you’ve probably not even thought of. There is also an option to buy the course once and keep it with you for eternity . It comes with videos and text lectures that show you how everything works.


Love it or loathe it, math is a requirement in most careers. Brush up on your mathematic skills with the courses available here on subjects like algebra, math logic, and even computer math. Oxford is an internationally recognized learning institution, and a reputed place to learn.


This is an online resource that teaches you various programming languages. Available is JavaScript, CSSHTML, Python, PHP , Ruby. Log in via Twitter, Facebook or Google+ for easy access. It is great for beginners and, in some cases, intermediate levels of programming.


Not to be left out in the dark, Yale also offers open courses. Much like the others, the subjects are vast and include courses such as literature, music, finances and business, among others. This, too, is a prestigious college with great professors.


Continuing with the OpenCourseWare from various colleges is Johns Hopkins.It’s a world renowned medical school with a number of free courses available for those who are thinking of studying medicine or know it and need a quick brush up. It has courses on things like child development, nutrition, and also fundamentals on specialties like oncology .FREE COMPUTER BOOKS The website (http:www.freecomputer books.com) looks like it was designed in the stone age, but the goods are great.Using it, you can get hundreds of free books about computer programming, mathematics, data logic, design, and other books. It’s great for anyone looking to get more into computers and even includes books on Java (Android development), C++ (Windows development).


If it’s writing you need to brush up on, Lifewrite.com is a good place to start. It offers a free nine-week course along with a number of tips and exercises. Writing is one of the toughest things to do and it takes a lot of work and practice to get it right. Why not start off on the right foot by learning from a professional?


People use it to brush up on their basic math, but it’s also a good tool for advanced learning. You will find over a thousand instructional videos, free of cost, that cover everything from basic arithmetic to differential equations. Signing up is easy since it has Facebook and Google+ support.


If you want a little more structure, look up Purdue University’s online writing lab. It includes classes on grammar, writing styles, and even professional writing.It’s a great free resource for any writer looking to brush up on the basics. There are even instructional videos to watch.


Duolingo is a free service that teaches you another language -Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and others.There are Android and iOS apps available which are also free. It was a huge hit last year and the courses really work if you stick with them. It teaches you in the form of a game so it remains interesting even during the rough patches.


Wikipedia isn’t the most trusted source out there, but it is building a better reputation. Most of the stuff that’s there is at least mostly accurate and that makes it a pretty decent platform for learning.It uses Wiki’s classic interface to link you to resources, courses, and labs to help you learn a bunch of stuff in a bunch of subjects. It’s a great free resource.


The last free book resource on the list is the University of Pennsylvania Book Page. Using this site, you can gain access to an untold number of free books used by the students of the University of Pennsylvania. It’s a very minimal site so you’ll have to go back to getting used to white web pages with blue links everywhere. Nevertheles, it is still a great resource for information, essays, books, and other educational texts.People stick with favourites in a sea of mobile apps.

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Social Media or Zara Design ?

Who played the most vital role to pull the design’s from the market within few hour’s of the product going live for sale? You decide and let me know here is what is happened actually????
#zara #nazicampsshirts #rages #starofdavid #jews #holocaust

Zara to destroy `Nazi camp’shirts

Social media rages against Star of David tee; says it looks like concentration camp uniform
Zara said it will destroy striped shirts emblazoned with a yellow star after the items drew criticism across social media for resembling uniforms worn at concentration camps during the Holocaust.The striped T-shirt with a six-pointed yellow star was on sa le i n severa l cou nt ries, i ncludi ng Israel, today for a few Israel, today for a f hou rs u nti l t he Inditex SA-owned brand realized it was a sensitive issue and decided to pull it, a compa ny spokeswoman said. Sales of the shirt were marginal, Zara said.

The T-shirt “has been taken out of circulation due to the potential similarity with the Star of David that has been u s e d a s a yel low s t a r patch,“the retailer said on Thursday. The company apologised for the item, whose star bore the word “sheriff“ and which was meant to resemble a shirt from “classic American Westerns“, it said.

This is not the first time that Zara and its rivals have met criticism from shopp er s. A swa st i k adecorated handbag was removed from Zara’s stores in 2007. Stockholm-based riva l Hen nes & Mau rit z A B e a rl ier t hi s ye a r pulled a tank-top with a human skull inside a Star of David. Za ra is wel lknown for turning ideas into fashionat a breakneck pace, often taking just weeks to turn a design into clothing for sale in a shop. Zara’s tee in trouble “ Wit h t he s p e e d a nd volu me of styles goi ng t h rou g h t he bu si ne ss, it is often not until the ga r ments hit t he shop f l o o r o r w e b s it e t h at t he w ider, a nd b e t t er informed, public points“ out a p ot ent i a l i s sue, Maureen Hinton, a n a na lyst at ret ai l consultancy Conlumino, wrote in an e-mail. Inditex today said it “condemns .and rejects any form of discrimination.“



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Pinterest India users grow 150% in 1 yr

San Francisco:
Housed in SoMa or South of Market, the hip startup neighbourhood in San Francisco, Pinterest’s headquarters is spread across 45,000 square feet in what used to be a giant brick warehouse, now transformed into one of the quirkiest offices in the area. The four-year-old social networking platform, which helps users make visual discoveries through pictures, rubs shoulders with other hot tech startups like Airbnb, Foursquare, Yammer, smartphone hailing app Uber and Square, among many others which have aided San Francisco’s tech revival over the past few years.Pinterest has raised about $760 million across several rounds of funding. The latest $200-million capital raise from the likes of Andreessen Horowitz and Be ssemer Venture Partners valued the online scrapbooking site at $5 billion. Pinterest wants to deploy some of that cash to expand globally . It has built separate teams in the UK, Japan, Germany and France, even as it invests in localizing content for markets like India, which registered 150% growth in signups over the past year.

“We are very excited about the way India is growing for us and, with the rapid adoption in smartphone usage, we expect to build a great business there in a few years,“ Matt Crystal, head of international business at Pinterest, told TOI. What is interesting is that, unlike the US, which still accounts for 70% of Pinterest’s 60-million user base, the gender split is 50-50 in India.

The product is resonating equally with men and women in a uniquely different way from other countries, Crystal said. In India, half of the Pinners -that’s what users are called -are on the mobile.

Pinterest is available in 32 different languages worldwide, with Hindi being added earlier this year.

“The biggest differentiator is that Google uses algorithms to index search, while we have humans who do the cataloging and algorithms are used to push the results when a user searches something specifically,“ Crystal said.

Having introduced promoted pins late last year in the US, its first ad product, Pinterest is currently not looking to monetize its platform globally . The attempt is to grow awareness, work on partnerships with publishers, brands and bloggers and focus on community building, Crystal added.

Pinterest -co-founded by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra -is touted as the next big social network that will go public in the US once it builds a robust monetization play . Besides promoted pins, it also launched an initiative called self-service ads for brands and businesses recently . This week, Pinterest also introduced a new analytics tool to help businesses get detailed data on the number of users who engage with their pins along with other information.

Wanna talk to an expert to get your presence on PINTEREST call us ;)
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RICE & SHINE – How India turned ice bucket to rice bucket

Desi Idea Of Giving Rice To The Needy Goes Viral
As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge touched Indian homes, engaged Bollywoodians, CEOs and students, it got a very Indian twist in one Hyderabad home.The bucket stayed, but ice turned into rice. Meet #RiceBucketChallenge, gaining popularity as RBC. More charity than challenge, 38year old scribe Manju Latha Kalanidhi’s idea to fill a bucket with rice and give it to a needy person, and in newage style, post the picture video online, is now all the rage.To the point that those outside India are tweeting, wanting to know how to be a part of the Rice Bucket Challenge. Take this for instance: “The #RiceBucketChallenge is taking off in India, adapt it here to take rice & other goods to community food banks?“ by a user in UK, and “The “#RiceBucketChallenge is picking up in Bahrain! How to do it?“ followed by links. A web search for Ice Bucket Challenge throws up links to RBC.

Kicked off on August 24, thousands have joined the charity chain. Pictures of a person handing over a bowl, bucket of rice to a poor person can be posted to Facebook with the #Rice Bucket Challenge tag. The challenge’s Facebook page touched 50,000 likes on Thursday. The biggest single donation came from a degree college in Karimnagar on Wednesday when 2,000 students donated 2,200kg rice.

Hyderabadis now plan to rope in their city celebrities, like Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and badminton ace Jwala Gutta. Kalanidhi says the timing was perfect for her idea. She describes RBC as an “Indian version for Indian needs“.

“I saw my Indian friends dunk themselves in ice-cold water. I work for a website where we deal with poverty and hunger-related statistics. This idea occurred to me and I handed over 20kg of rice to a needy person,“ Kalanidhi said. She posted the pictures last Friday and asked others to join her with the post “I’m ready for a #RiceBucketChallenge ..desi style.. cook or buy a bucket of rice biryani and feed the poor in your locality. If you can’t take this challenge, donate medicines worth Rs 100 to the nearest government hospital.. Whoz joining me? My own local, practical and tangible versionresponse to #icebucketchallenge …. save water feed the hungry!“.

The next thing she knew, the world was following suit.

Challenge architect keen to keep it going
The phenomenal response to Hyderabad woman Manju Latha Kalanidhi’s Rice Bucket Challenge has inspired her to want to keep the campaign running.Elated at the response, she says, “I thought I’d get two dozen likes, never expected such a tsunami on social media.“Her focus now is to make the challenge a sustainable campaign. “ About 5 lakh people have seen it. Donations are coming in. Multinational companies have called expressing interest. A fund is being mulled to handle the response,“ she said.

The idea of converting the `ice bucket’ for a locallyrelevant cause came to her after watching Indians take the ALS Challenge. She thought it was preposterous when local problems were different altogether. “With respect to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it felt out of place when I saw my Indian friends doing it. There was need to empathize with a local cause.I decided to customize the challenge,“ she said.

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Tips for Marketing Hospitals in Rural India


Marketing is essential for both rural and mission hospitals in order to enable the optimum use of the hospital services. Here are some of the innovative ways that worked in mission hospitals (1).


The groundwork and preparations are very important. Gathering and analyzing hospital data will help in planning the marketing strategy. Methods that can be used to do this include:

  1. Staff meetings
  2. Focus group discussions
  3. Surveys in the villages and exit surveys at the hospital
  4. Patient satisfaction surveys
  5. Having a PR person for the hospital

meeting group

Important marketing strategies: Using satisfied patients, using existing marketing systems and directly reaching target population



Satisfied patients are the most important ambassadors for marketing. Exit surveys help in assessing satisfaction levels. Some of our findings include:

  1. Irrespective of the background, patients are not happy, and the satisfaction levels are low just after they pay the bills. Even a small amount returned to them makes them very happy.
  2. Even if they are illiterate, patients and relatives love receiving explanations about their disease or condition and the necessary procedures.
  3. Of all the groups who influence the satisfaction levels of patients, the nurses have the most influence. In other words, the nurses can easily undo the good work others have done and vice versa.
  4. In the mission hospital, a print station counter where senior nurses are available to provide explanations for patients and allocate juniors to accompany them to various destinations tremendously improves the satisfaction levels.
  5. Rounds by administrative staff boost the satisfaction levels of patients.
  6. Pulse rate of patients is a simple indicator of satisfaction levels (2).


In rural areas, the local medical practitioners are the first ones to treat the patients, even if they are not allopathic doctors. They are happy to refer surgical patients if their work is not affected. Training them to diagnose and refer conditions requiring surgery and treat the medical conditions better is a great way of marketing the rural hospital. Referring patients for follow-up makes them happier.

Medical representatives visit all of the local doctors and are happy to help with promoting the rural hospitals, especially if they are allowed to enroll patients for insurance programs, etc.

The local Churches and social service organizations willingly help arrange diagnostic camps and get involved in the treatment of patients. We were surprised to find, even in rural areas, that we can use the local shops and internet cafes to enroll patients for health care plans.


The diagnostic camp model (3, 4) is an excellent way of getting surgical patients referred to the rural hospitals. Many rural patients do not have the opportunity for diagnostic procedures like ultrasound examination and scopies. If these procedures are made available at the doorsteps, they help in diagnosis and referral of patients (see figure 1). We found that almost three fourths of the surgical patients referred to the hospital were diagnosed for the first time with these procedures, in the remote villages.

people outside of their house

Gathering data from the doorsteps using focus group discussion

Health education that we provided to the relatives of the patient through computer disks, calendars, health education materials and live relays of surgeries also helped our hospital to get more surgical patients. Writing health education articles in the local newspapers and magazines contributed to more awareness and referrals for surgery, as well.
watching tv

Live relay of surgeries reaches the population directly


  1. Offering services that are not available elsewhere attracts many patients. The mission hospital in a small village called Alipur, near Silchar, was the first to offer laparoscopic surgeries, vaporization surgeries, etc. in Northeast India in the late nineties and early millennium. There, the number of surgical procedures carried out every year has increased from less than 100 to over 5,000 a year.
  2. According to the analysis of the exit interviews, every satisfied patient sent a minimum of one new patient to the hospital within three years.
  3. The main concern of the poor patients is cost, and people will flock to the places offering high-quality care at an affordable cost.
Gnanaraj-64 Dr. J. Gnanaraj MS, MCh [Urology], FICS, FARSI, FIAGES is a urologist and laparoscopic surgeon trained at CMC Vellore now the Director of Medical Services of SEESHA. He has a special interest in rural surgery and has trained many surgeons in remote rural areas while working in the mission hospitals in rural India. He helped about 17 rural hospitals start minimally invasive surgeries. He has more than 80 publications in national and international journals, most of which are related to modifications necessary for rural surgical practice. He received the Barker Memorial award from the Tropical Doctor for the work regarding surgical camps in rural areas. During the past year, he has been training surgeons in Lift Laparoscopic surgeries.
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